Dreamin broadcasted on French TV BSmart

In July 2020, we witnessed the historical launch of the economical TV channel BSmart under the direction of Stéphane Soumier, former Director of the notorious BFM Business. His will is to get media coverage to all the companies that deserve to be seen and discuss various business topics. According to him, it will be the TV channel of the bold ones, with a special focus on 4 major themes: employment, startups, technology and impact.

On its launch date, Dreamin has been asked to participate in a round of interviews to show some of the French trendy startups. Our co-founder Cloé Dana proudly discussed with famous TV anchor Jean-Marc Sylvestre about what we do and how we successfully managed our continuous growth since the day of our launch 3 years ago until now, in a post-covid era with 20 employees and no negative impact in our HR strategy.