Dreamin Opened Its Brand New Office Space In Paris

On Monday August 3rd, behind a building door located Rue du Faubourg St Denis, in the heart of the French capital, a group of 20 Dreamers gathered, eager to see their new office. At the end of the hallway, a red inauguration banner was waiting for its first cut to welcome everyone in. A full room filled with smiling faces, happy to be reunited after a long remote work period and surprised to discover their new working space, as the secret was held until the very last minute. Around a typical French breakfast, time to find everyone's new spot, install the screens, and here is another business day starting, answering partners' demands and developing our brand new platform. This has been the result of a long 8-month journey.

Everything started back in October 2019, when Dreamin's associates team started to visit office spaces in the center of Paris to acquire their own space for their growing team. Competition was fierce, but they managed to get a 300m2 space, located in the trendy Rue du Faubourg St Denis, close to all the hot restaurant and bar spots, where Parisians love to gather after work. The date was booked for the final signature in front of the notary...on March, 15th. And guess what happened on the very same day? French President Emmanuel Macron announced the start of the country lockdown starting the next day...it was about time to sign! From there started a full 4.5 month of renovation, to turn this old apartment into a brand new office space, focusing on employees well being and happiness at work. In respect of all the government's measures in terms of personal safety towards the covid-19 pandemic, the workers did an amazing job together with the architect and associate team for the demolition, reconstruction, furniture and decoration. And here it comes, the opening day has finally arrived, marking the end of a full 4.5 month remote work for everybody.