Cloe Dana's interview by Affiliate Summit team

A month ago, Cloe Dana (CMO & co-founder) at Dreamin has been interviewed by Affiliate Summit’s team about the challenges for women in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate Summit runs a few big events performance marketing events in the world every year and allows its attendees to network, learn from top companies, and key decision-makers from the affiliate marketing industry. You can find an excerpt from this interview below and the full interview on the Affiliate Summit website.


When my first entrepreneurial adventure failed (2015). I put so much work, effort, time & energy in it that when we understood we had to close our company with my associate, 2 years after it all started, it has been a dreadful moment. Everything I fought for and believed in had just fallen apart. I needed to rebuild myself, my self-confidence quickly to go back out there & prove my value to external people in order to get my bills wouldn't wait for long.


One of my investors in my first adventure, that also became my friend, came to me 6 months after I failed and talked me through this new project; Dreamin. I was already in a new job for several months at that moment, CMO in a promising Startup & everything in my experience should have pushed me to not get interested in this new adventure. To not be willing to undertake another big risk that quickly. This new project was a very early stage and couldn't guarantee any stable income before a lot of time. But I had a good feeling about it. I felt it was an amazing opportunity that I shouldn't pass by. Especially because of the team, the 3 other associates. Amazing and complementary people. After very few days to think about it, I just quit my job and went all in for Dreamin. Today, 3 years later we have an amazing team of 15 people and we experience thrilling growth internationally and I feel very proud to have taken that risk back then.

Read the full interview on Affiliate Summit website.