Covid-19: Should I maintain my mobile app investments?

As mobile users’ behaviors have been drastically affected by the confinement measures experienced by half of the world, Marketers wonder: is it relevant to pursue a user acquisition strategy?

While the crisis is negatively impacting certain app categories, it is creating opportunities for others. It is no surprise that Travel, Sport, Food & Drinks or Retail apps have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. The lockdown induces people to stay home and thus the incapacity to book hotels or flights, share rides, order at McDonalds or check the latest soccer results and bet on new matches, translating to no user’s engagement and thus negative ROI for the App developer. It is wiser to pause media spend for those types of apps while taking the time to analyze past data, success or failure stories and learn from them to soon restart fresh with relevant KPIs. As an example, the Chinese domestic tourism market said it is forecasting to recover 70% of losses over the next six months after lifting lockdown measures, which means no time to rest!

On the other hand, confinement is synonymous with growth perspectives for most apps: according to an Appsflyer survey, since the beginning of the crisis, Worldwide in-app revenues have increased by 70% on Entertainment apps,...

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